Event Logistics

Case Study: 2017 National Ballet of China – Red Detachment of Women


Created and premiered in 1964, the Red Detachment of Women fuses the athleticism and rigour of Chinese ballet with a stylish and colour-saturated design and striking original score.

Famously performed for President Nixon and Henry Kissinger on their visit to China in 1972. The ballet performed by an outstanding ensemble of 70 dancers accompanied by Orchestra and local choir to produce a spectacular presentation.

National Ballet of China accepted an invitation to perform one of the most vivid cultural icons of the twentieth century at the Art’s Centre Melbourne.


Our Involvement

Ocean & Air Cargo Services was assigned responsibility in handling importation of stage props for the National Ballet of China – Red Detachment of Women. We were required to arrange transportation and Customs clearance of two 40GP to the Art’s Centre Melbourne.

Working closely with the Production Manager at the Art’s Centre, Ocean & Air Cargo Services ensured the whole process was run smoothly and delivery times were met efficiently in order to prepare for the show. On 6th of February 2017, a staff member visited the Art’s Centre to monitor the unloading of the two 40ft containers. Coordinating with the staff on-site, the stage props were unloaded as planned.

Ocean & Air Cargo Services then pre-arranged the transportation of two 40GP to be exported back to China. On 18th of February 2017 straight after the last show concluded, several staff members visited the Art Centre to monitor the re-loading of both containers. Ensuring each prop was ticked off and accounted for before being packed.

With the continuous communication and cooperation from all parties involved, the whole process was successfully executed from beginning to end.