Case Study – OOG Cargo Export:

With the unfortunate demise of local automotive manufacturing, multiple tonnes of manufacturing and assembly line equipment lay dormant at GM Holden operations in Melbourne. Ocean & Air Cargo Services was fortunately awarded to handle the end-to-end shipping project by the buyer of this equipment under EXWORKS incoterms. This is a massive project undertaking, and has been completed in mid August 2017.

The project began at the beginning of July 2017, and our operations team with multiple years of experience handled the daily operational requirements of exporting this cargo overseas. Our project which was initially to be completed in a single shipment was unfortunately delayed, due to external conditions such as complications and delays occurred by the parties involved in dismantling and cleaning the assembly line machinery prior to loading onto the High Cube and Flat Rack containers. Additionally, the project faced another road block when it initially failed the transport surveyor inspections.

Consequently, our operations team worked around the clock to overcome the difficulties and setbacks. Furthermore, establishing a contingency plan was required to re-distribute the containers over separate shipments and different vessel sailings as the previous set-backs meant that there was insufficient time to pack and load all the required shipments on time. To minimise further delays for our client, our team liaised closely with the shipping line, cartage companies and the buyer overseas to not only ensure sufficient vessel space was made available, but to ensure the high cube and flat rack containers were moved to the wharf within the allowed cut-off dates.

Fortunately, with the dedication by our operations team, Ocean & Air Cargo Services have managed to wrap up this project at no additional costs to the overseas buyer, and our container and flat rack deliveries were well within the expected delivery variances by the overseas buyer.

Project Summary:

  • 3 Sailings

  • 1st Sailing: 24 x 40 High Cube Containers + 2 x Flat Rack Containers

  • 2nd Sailing: 9 x 40 High Cube Containers + 15 Flat Rack Containers

  • 3rd Sailing: 21 x 40 High cube Containers + 7 Flat Rack Containers

  • Total 40HC: 54

  • Total OOG Containers: 24

See below photos for the process of packing and wrapping a production assembly line equipment onto a flat rack container.